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I Know That is a great site that has math, language arts, science, and social studies games.

Math is fun has great math resources and also has timed tests for each multiplication table! What a great way to practice your facts!

Fun Brain has games and activities for math, language arts, and some are just for fun. It also has information and links for parents.

Fun School is a site that offers games and activities for students of grade levels K-6.

Kids Games has games for ages 6-10, coloring pages, cards, stories, and songs.

National Geographic Kids has games, activities, and experiments. You can also read articles from National Geographic Kids Magazine and view short movies.

Scholastic Kids has games, book lists, homework help, and other fun things.

Cool Math has GREAT GAMES!  Try some of these great online math games.  My favorite is the lemonade stand!

Up to Ten has games for kids ages 6-10. Lots of fun!

This website is for rewarding chores and completing tasks on time! This website is AWESOME! Handipoints is a lot like Webkinz. Parents enter in their child's chores and responsibilities. When the child completes the

chore they check it off and then parents give a grade on how well they did the chore. They earn points for getting good grades and they can use their points to get things for their web pet!

Parent Website!  Lots of great information for how to help your child be successful at school, entertainment ideas for home, and even articles about parent life!  You can search for information by your child's age.

Spelling Words Practice Sites! Use your list to play fun spelling games!

Spelling City

Word Safari

Spelling Wizard